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How to Tire Out Your Children for Better Bed Time

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At a certain age, children have boundless energy that they need to burn off, else they stay up past their bedtime. Have you ever experienced your children butting heads with you because they insist that they “aren’t sleepy yet” or say that they “aren’t tired” when it comes to bed time?

Well, if you really want your children, especially toddlers to go to bed on time without any fuss, the best way to do it is to give them a healthy outlet for all of that extra energy. Naturally, this means a lot of play time during the day!

Here is a list of Daily Activities you can do with your kids:

I have mentioned before that for adults, getting enough exercise often leads to better sleep as well. The same is true for children, but since children typically cannot sustain exercise like adults can, you need to take a different approach for them. If you succeed, you will see that your children will be downright eager to go to bed on time!

jump!Bring them to playgrounds
We own several playground sets from Monster Play, because the quality is great and they make playgrounds that are perfect for just the right amount of physical play. I suggest that you bring your children to a playground or have a playground installed at home like we did, as it gives your children excellent exercise and varied activities. After a long day of climbing, swinging, and sliding, you can bet that your children will be begging for their blankets!

Get them a trampoline
If you are more hard pressed for space but want a great outdoor activity that gives a child a lot of exercise, choose a trampoline. Trampolines, in their simplicity, are quite a hit with children, and I know my children can spend minutes upon minutes just jumping and laughing. Just make sure that you supervise your children while they jump, as they could inadvertently fall off and bump their head.

Build a tent or a blanket fort
If you want a more quiet activity that will still get them tired, teach your children how to build a tent outdoors, or make a blanket fort while they are inside. Setting up the tent is great practice for them, and it will help them concentrate and solve problems.

After setting up the tent, let the children play as much as they want, and they will be guaranteed to sleep soundly that night.

sleepy headPlay games
Fun, physical games always tire children out. You can play hopscotch, tag, or choose an engaging board game such as Twister. Any game that is fun and has a lot of physical activity is great for tiring children out.

Ride a bike or go skating
If your children are old enough, teach them how to ride a bike or to go skating I promise that it will be oodles of fun and they will really get to practice their gross motor skills.

There are many more ways for your child to tire themselves out for bed time. Just give them a healthy avenue for burning off excess energy, and they will sleep like a baby come bed time. I guarantee it.

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